Are you interested in some fun and affordable entertainment for this upcoming summer???

Well stop by the Muckdogs’ box office and take advantage of the best deal around.

$38 gets you 8 undated general admission tickets.

  • These tickets will get you in right at the gate, avoiding any lines
  • Tickets can be used at any games throughout the season
  • That is only $4.75 per ticket!!! Hard to beat that!!!

$46 gets you 8 undated Box Seat tickets

  • These tickets can be traded in for a box seat to any game(s) throughout the season
  • Just simply trade them in at the ticket window or call ahead to reserve your seats
  • That is only $5.75 per ticket, and that is BOX SEATS!!!

For more information or to get your coupon books today you can either:

  • stop by the stadium at 299 Bank Street
  • or give us a call at (585) 343-5454

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